Arshad’s Velvet Comforters

Arshad’s Velvet Comforters

We offer the finest comforters crafted from Macro Fiber.



Discover the ultimate comfort with our velvet comforters, available in two distinct sizes. Our single-size comforters feature a generous 170×260 CM dimension, complemented by a fitted sheet measuring 120×200 CM, and two pillow covers each of size 50×75 CM. Alternatively, our double-size comforters offer a spacious 240×260 CM dimension, with a fitted sheet measuring 200×200 CM and four pillow covers each of size 50×75 CM. Experience the epitome of cozy bedding with Arshad’s premium comforters.

  • Description- Discover the ultimate in comfort with Arshad’s Macro Fiber comforters.
  • Available in- Single and Double Size
  • Accessories: Fitted Sheet and Pillow Covers
  • Color- Assorted



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